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Our Strategy


Clean earth
turn waste into treasure


To be the Global Technology
Leader in Functional
Recycling Fibers


Functional Recycling Fiber
Technology Solution Supplier



Adhere to the Green Concept, Build A Responsible Enterprise
(From the Perspective of Society)
At Cyclone Technology, we stay committed to the mission of “Clean Earth, Turning Trash into Treasure”. Using recycled waste as raw materials,
recycling 1 ton of waste bottles can reduce 1.7 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to the daily carbon absorption of 339 trees;
recycling 1 ton of used clothing can reduce 3.6 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to the daily carbon absorption of 716 trees.
Help the country achieve the dual carbon goal,
and save a large number of non-renewable petroleum resources, so as to help ensure national energy.
Focus on International Cooperation, Build A Good Business Reputation
(From the Perspective of Customer)
Cyclone Technology is committed to promoting the domestic and international dual cycle and leading the enterprise to stand at
the forefront of the international market. Our company works to vigorously expand the international market by
identifying the international market trend. We have established a good strategic cooperation relationship with many international customers
Provide High-quality Green Products, Serve International First Class Brands
(From the Perspective of the Company)
Upholding our strategy of providing functional & recycled fiber technology solutions, Cyclone Technology strives to serve the globe with functional,
environmental, and top-quality recycled textile technology solutions. Through independent scientific and technological innovation, we master key technologies.
We are devoted to researching and developing, designing, and producing functional green yarn. Our products include recycled polyester filament,
recycled polyester dyed yarn, recycled composite yarn, and recycled functional yarn, and etc. We look to
produce high value products, and provide high-quality, environmental and green products for the world's leading sports brands,
so as to achieve win-win cooperation and high-quality develop.
Brand Concept
At Cyclone Technology, we are guided by green economy approach and stay committed to green and sustainable development. We built solid waste recycling stations to recycle and reuse waste textiles and plastic bottles based on the goals of “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality”, to save non-renewable petroleum resources and greatly reduce water and electricity consumption. We strive to promote green planning, green design, green investment, green manufacturing, green circulation and green consumption to form a complete green and low-carbon cycle of the industrial system. We work to create a path to sustainable development and foster the high- quality development of the textile industry, so as to provide a good demonstration for environmental protection and industrial development.
Social Responsibility
Cyclone is guided by sustainable development concept. We follow a green, low-carbon and innovative path.
We aim to provide customers with green, high-quality and innovative products and services and build an environment friendly,
economic friendly and social friendly responsible enterprise, so as to contribute to the country and society and create a model
for ecological environmental protection and industrial development.
Economic Friendly
Our company is committed to building a closed-loop recycling industrial chain, expanding the industrial chain at both upstream and downstream ends, and promoting the agglomeration and upgrading of the new textile materials industry in our city, so as to form a driving effect of hundreds of billions of industrial clusters.
Social Friendly
We organize our employees to actively participate in public welfare activities such as awarding teaching and learning, donating to education, poverty alleviation, tree planting, environmental protection, and public welfare blood donation.
Environmentally Friendly
Our company strives to recycle renewable resources, save a large number of non-renewable petroleum resources, significantly reduce water and electricity consumption, and lower environmental pollution, so as to help the country achieve the dual carbon goal.