Recycled DMT
Waste textiles and scrapes are used as the raw materials. Through a unique chemical depolymorization technology, the wasted polyester materials are broken down into chemical monomers. Subsequently, through a series of technical processes including rectification, filtration, purification, and polymerization, the monomers are re-manufactured into recycled DMT.
Product Applications
  • Synthetic recycled polyester fiber PET PBT PTT;
  • Bottle grade materials:beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily chemical product, food-grade packaging.
  • High-end plastic products:
  • Materials:indoor and outdoor label, storage shelf, panel, furniture, mechanical baffle, architectural decoration, agricultural film.
  • Industry:polyester industrial yarn, high-end packaging, printing, electrical appliance,dressing of cable, insulation material, industrial pipeline
  • Daily chemical product:cosmetic bottle, perfume bottle, storage box, disposable goods.
  • Medical device:filter, eustachian tube, tube connector, machine pump and dialysis equipment
  • Automotive:automotive part, tire material, automotive seat, automotive interior.