Research & Innovation

Cyclone has never ceased to innovate raw materials and production. We utilize Waste in our recycling process to“Make responsible recycled green fiber”

Key Technology

Physical recycling refers to the recycling method of melt spinning directly by using waste polyester materials as raw materials after sorting, cleaning, grinding, drying, pelletizing and other processes;
Chemical recycling is the recycling process of depolymerizing the polyester PET polymer materials contained in the waste textiles into monomers or polymerization intermediates and repolymerization and melt spinning after purification, separation and other steps.

Textile Major Direction

With the increasingly awareness of renewable resources globally, more and more wasted bottles and textile are being recycled. Recycled fibers application has effectively enhanced the textiles resource’s sustainability and utilization efficiency, meanwhile, consumers are increasingly valuing the importance of recycled fibers for global resource regeneration. With the popularization of the international GRS standards, recycled fiber has become one of the most essential ways to protect the environment and build a resource-saving society.

Permanent closed-loop regeneration programme

A Challenge Worth Taking
The textile supply chain is long and complex. Raw materials go through many processes including PET chip granulation, spinning, texturing, compositing, etc. Cyclone has spent years integrating the entire industrial components in the supply chain, from research and development of raw materials to packaging and presentation of finished products. The vertical integration enhances the transparency of production processes and product traceability, as well as quality control and the entire delivery procedure.